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Glenn D. Prestwich, Ph. D.

Expert witness and consultant for intellectual property cases in the chemical and life sciences

Glenn D. Prestwich, Ph. D.

Dr. Glenn Prestwich’s broad expertise and experience includes chemistry, biochemistry, biology, bioengineering, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Prestwich applies this broad expertise to providing his clients with clear solutions to problems at the interface of law, intellectual property, and the chemical and life sciences.

Dr. Prestwich has intimate familiarity with translation of laboratory ideas to products that improve the lives of patients and their families.

Dr. Prestwich communicates effectively with all audiences, regardless of age or background.

Dr. Prestwich offers a breadth of chemical expertise to clients of Clear Solutions, including organic synthesis, natural products chemistry, medicinal chemistry, mechanistic enzymology, agricultural chemistry, and chemical biology. 

He brings to all legal and technical cases a deep appreciation for how chemistry informs solutions to problems in biochemistry and cell biology, to disease detection and treatment, to tissue healing and regeneration, and for the design and creation of chemical tools for specific customer or market needs.

His research, publications, and inventions cover many areas, including anti-cancer drugs, gels for wound repair, cell therapy, and regenerative medicine, insect and pest control agents, cholesterol-lowering agents, lipids and cell signaling tools, and anti-inflammatory agents.

Expert Witness Experience

Dr. Prestwich has provided declarations, affidavits, reports, depositions, and testimony in over 14 cases since 2007. He has reported or testified on cases that have included:

  1. Patent invalidity and non-infringement for synthetic prostanoids used for glaucoma treatment
  2. Patent re-examination based on obviousness invalidity for analogs of synthetic phosphoinositides used for drug discovery and cell biology
  3. Patent invalidity and non-infringement in a drug eluting stent case
  4. False and misleading advertising claims for a functional food product
  5. Patent validity and non-infringement for use of HA for drug delivery
  6. Patent validity and non-infringement for a crosslinked HA used in treating osteoarthritis
  7. Patent invalidity for blood substitutes
  8. Patent infringement & validity for HA-based dermal fillers
  9. Patent non-infringement & invalidity for a nutraceutical formulation
  10. Patent invalidity via post-grant review of a patent for pesticidal compounds

From Bench to Courtroom

Providing clear expert opinions for patent validity and infringement cases.

Dr. Prestwich excels in science communication in the classroom, in public, and in the courtroom. He communicates complicated concepts in simply and unambiguous language. He provides legal clients with credible testimony in patent validity/invalidity and infringement cases.

As an inventor, he understands novelty, utility, and non-obviousness at their core. As a writer of reports, declarations, and affidavits, he organizes his thoughts clearly and concisely, making the essential points clear with precision and authority. 

Technical Expertise

Scientific Expertise

Courtroom Experience

Intellectual Property

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