Science Communication

During 42 years as a faculty member, he has over 650 publications (H-index 94), trained over 125 postgraduate scientists, and delivered over 700 invited presentations at universities, companies, governmental offices, and scientific meetings in the US and around the world. 

Dr. Prestwich created and taught a course entitled “Practicum in Oral Presentation” for 5 years at Stony Brook University in the Chemistry Department and for 10 years in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry the University of Utah. He understands that clear communication and thinking on your feet are crucial in for educating students and sharing scientific concepts with public audiences. He emphasized the use of creative analogies and compelling storytelling in engaging audiences with otherwise dry facts and details. 

He excels at science communication in the public sector, having written and photographed articles for National Geographic and other magazines.

National Geographic magazine

G.D. Prestwich, “Termites: Dweller in the Dark,” National Geographic, 153, 532-547 (April 1978).

GeoMundo magazine

G.D. Prestwich, “Las Termitas:  El Increible Mundo de Milliones de Seres Ciegos, Sordos y Mudos,” GeoMundo, 2, 704-720 (January 1979).

The Science Teacher magazine

G.D. Prestwich, “Termite Soldiers: Warriors with Chemical Weapons,” The Science Teacher, 49, 50-53 (1982).

G.D. Prestwich, “The Total Termite,” The Science Teacher, 49, 29-33 (1982).

Scientific American magazine

G.D. Prestwich, “The Chemical Defenses of Termites,” Scientific American, pp. 78-87 (August 1983).

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