Expert Witness Experience

Dr. Prestwich has provided declarations, affidavits, reports, depositions, and testimony in over 16 cases since 2007. He has reported or testified on cases that have included:

  1. Patent invalidity and non-infringement for synthetic prostanoids used for glaucoma treatment
  2. Patent re-examination based on obviousness invalidity for analogs of synthetic phosphoinositides used for drug discovery and cell biology
  3. Patent invalidity and non-infringement in a drug eluting stent case
  4. False and misleading advertising claims for a functional food product
  5. Patent validity and non-infringement for use of HA for drug delivery
  6. Patent validity and non-infringement for a crosslinked HA used in treating osteoarthritis
  7. Patent invalidity for blood substitutes
  8. Patent infringement & validity for HA-based dermal fillers
  9. Patent non-infringement & invalidity for a nutraceutical formulation
  10. Patent invalidity via post-grant review of a patent for pesticidal compounds
  11. Patent infringement & validity for plant growth regulator formulations
  12. Patent infringement & validity for methods for detection of genetic disorders

Dr. Prestwich is adept at conveying the truth of the science of a case as an expert witness. He uses creative analogies and compelling storytelling to engage attorneys, judges, and juries in understanding complex facts using plain language. He understands that expert witnesses are crucial participants in the courtroom, and must be able to communicate knowledgeably, calmly, clearly, and confidently.

Fee Schedule

Clear Solutions Biomedical LLC does business primarily in Poulsbo, Washington and Salt Lake City, Utah. Rates are available on request. Hourly rates for consulting include investigation and research related to a given project, including reviewing documents and preparing oral and/or written reports and declarations, as well as preparing for depositions and expert testimony in the courtroom. Additional rates are available for travel away from Utah and Washington home locations, and for trial and deposition time in a law offices or courtroom.

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